Our Services

True Consulting prides itself on delivering an exceptional and professional service from our experienced chartered engineers.

We can manage all aspects of the design, from inception to completion.

We can provide engineering support for planning applications, FRA, Drainage Design, Highways Design and Planning statements.

If you have been disappointed with consultants who didn’t provide a professional service or found errors and simple omissions from tender and construction packages, we sympathise.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, with our senior team involved in the heart of every project.

At True Consulting, we continue to champion revolutionary construction techniques and find solutions for real-life engineering and construction challenges.

We use advanced and cutting-edge engineering technology to protect critical assets and work out how to make sites buildable.

Our engineers and consultants have extensive design experience and are proud of their ability to help our clients realise their ambitions.

Our structural engineers work hard to find creative solutions to design challenges to deliver impressive and efficient structures that surpass our clients’ expectations.

At True Consulting, we use sophisticated structural testing techniques and carry out meticulous analysis of all factors, including costs, materials, methods, risks and sustainability.

Our experienced team has a strong reputation with leading architects, contractors and specialists, which means we continue to deliver exceptional design solutions.

At True Consulting, we help our clients decide on the most appropriate method for their water-retaining structures.

Water tightness is undoubtedly the most important parameter to be preserved in designing and construction sequences among all other requirements.

Whether it’s a swimming pool, a water tank or a sewerage treatment works, we use our expertise to provide information on the most appropriate waterproofing system for a client’s chosen project. 

At True Consulting, we know that basement construction can add significant complications to a project – including cost, impact on other properties or businesses, and duration.

We have extensive experience of the design and construction of deep basements on challenging urban sites and can offer alternative solutions for our clients.

Our experienced team is proud of its close working relationships with specialist sub-contractors, who share with us their knowledge of the most up-to-date construction innovations and methods.

Our experienced engineers are able to provide advice, design and checking services for a range of temporary works – a factor which is increasingly being recognised as one of the most crucial parts of any construction project.

Typical services include ground works, bridging and structural support and in many cases, contractors are now seeking out experienced temporary works designers from the outset.

At True Consulting, we work closely with our clients to develop the concept, establish a full brief and effectively deliver their chosen requirements.

Whether you wish to implement improvements and updates, or you’re building a completely new road, we have a proven track record of highway construction project management and site supervision.

At True Consulting, our experienced transport team offers our clients highway design and consulting services, as well as acting as the contractor’s designer and undertaking any early contractor involvement commissions.

Our extensive range of services includes surveying, investigation, and analysis and advice – including traffic surveys, accident investigation and analysis, topographical surveys and economic assessment.

The implications of global warming and the increased likelihood of flooding means that the management of water is becoming increasingly challenging – regardless of whether clients are building a new development or are regenerating existing facilities.

At True Consulting, we have a thorough understanding of the issues associated with water management and offer a wide range of services to the public and the private sector.

That means our experienced team can deal with important factors including flood risk, foul drainage and flow assessment.

Flood Risk Assessments are required in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and have been a key planning document for almost 20 years.

Our experienced team has assessed developments of all sizes and can give you advice on your chosen project.

The majority of planning applications – to which our assessments apply – have proved successful and we are often able to improve the proposals and create a scheme to meet both the needs of the client and the requirements set out by the Environment Agency.

At True Consulting, we work across all of the industry sectors, which means we have the knowledge and expertise to advise on all requirements of infrastructure design, from the planning stage right through to construction.

We know that efficient drainage systems and making appropriate space for water is a crucial component in the effective planning of any building development. 

That’s why our team has extensive experience of assessing flood risk and designing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We have many years’ experience in inspecting all forms of buildings and structures.

At True Consulting, we work closely with a wide network of industry experts which means we are able to inspect and report on virtually any type of building.

Our team has a progressive approach to our structural surveys and is able to design buildings for our clients, supervise their construction and diagnose any possible defects.

Our team has experience in a wide range of challenging party wall matters and can offer innovative and effective solutions that ensure compliance with all legislation.

The first step is to review the client’s structural design, calculations and specifications from the perspective of the adjoining owner’s property and assess any structural risk that may be involved in the works.

At True Consulting, clients often engage us during the early stages of the design process to advise on a range of neighbourly matters – including boundary disputes, access agreements or rights of light.

If you think your roof is showing any warning signs, inside or out, then it’s recommended you get a roof survey to check for possible structural damage.

This includes evidence of water damage or leaking, a sagging roof, broken tiles, or even insecure guttering

If a structural appraisal is not carried out, then it could lead to far more serious issues in the future and could even be dangerous for those using the building.